Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visit to Oostende

In our four year relationship I never been to the seaside with my boyfriend, that needed to change! So we took the train and the rest is happy history. We spent the passed Saturday in Oostende, probably the most touristic Belgian cities on the seashore and my boyfriend is a major culture buff, we went to see the Napoleons fort. I was fine with just being lazy on the beach, but was super glad we went to discover this fort. It was just two stops away from the central station on the coast tram, but took us to a whole new, quiet and pretty untouristic part of Oostende. The fort was built on the hill and just below it outstreched lay the almost empty beach. We had all kinds of weather that day, it was mostly warm and windy, but not as sunny, which actually was perfect. After exploring the fort we just chilled on the beach for a few hours and even went for a short swim, but the water was still pretty icy. In the evening we went out for dinner in the center of the cities. Crazy how one day at the seaside can give a feeling of being on vacation.

Overall it was a weekend of total happiness. You know these rare times of pure happiness? This weekend was it. We just put all our worries behind and had some good old quality time.
And took outfit pictures, on the roof of the fort, hah! I didn't wear anything special, mostly comfy beach clothes, but overall like the simple look. Also finally got to take my new Birckenstocks out for a spin. End up wearing them for two days and just don't know, soles of my feet were pretty sore after. I'm a feet freak (cries in a corner).

Wearing: JBC top, Agent Provocateur bra, Forever 21 skirt, Birckenstock slippers, Zara sunnies.

How you guys are spending your Summer days?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Graphic prints

Here I am again, how hard I try, I can't seem to get back to that posting schedule I used to have. I guess having a full time jobs doesn't leave much free time to do everything you want. I also won't lie as I tell that blogging in general hasn't been as 'inspiring' as it used to be to me. Also working for a fashion brand, makes me want to take a break from it during my free time. Sometimes it might get too much, don't you think?
Apart from blogging much less than I used to, I barely have time to read other blogs, but I came across some similar posts on a few of the blogs I still try to keep an eye on. Are we suffering from a blogging blues and is blogging on an unprofessional level really a major waste of time? Everyone should decide for themselves, but blogging have really been low on my priorities list of, you know, LIFE lately.
Anyhow, I'm not yet quitting it entirely, but have the idea that it's dying a slow death. I'm really done hoping for more quiet periods of life. It seems that the last few years have been marked by endless renovations of the house, all the trouble that come with them and just working most of the time.
I think I'll have to reconsider this blogging thing in the near future, decide on a course or a future. We will see...

But for now, another outfit. Pictures taken between two rain bursts. It still surprises me how much water can pour from the sky in one single day. Gotta 'love' weird Belgian Summers.
You have to give me some credit though, I put on heels, lipstick and a skirt!
I like this look, dressed up, but still bit edgy with the 'Tokyo' top, though the skirt needs a petticoat for some fullness. The black and white color scheme also suits my current mood very well.

Wearing: H&M top and shoes, Banana Republic skirt, Fashionology Zodiac necklace.

One of the few pictures of me smiling that I don't hate, ha!


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