Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Paris once more

Finally got my hands to put online the outfit we shot in Paris, almost two months ago. Ridiculous, I know, but the past two months have been surreal, if you consider the terror that hit Brussels. It has been an adjustment going back to normal. I can't lie, there's also the lack of time, as I get home late and just usually prefer to binge some on Netflix.

The weather is finally getting better now, but Paris was still kinda cold. From all the times I went to Paris, this must have been one of the more outrageous times. We had some major fun with the girls. Part of i was finally able to go to Le Crazy Horse cabaret and see Dita Von Teese perform. It was an unforgettable experience, as I'm a huge fan and so happy I was finally able to see her live.
We were lucky with the weather as will, despite it being chilly, the sun shun and Paris is just always a good idea. I have also seen the most beautiful sunset. Ah, Paris is love!

Wearing: Tara Jarmon coat, Topshop dress, Louis Vuitton boots, Cos beanie, Zara scarf, Chanel bag, Brilliant Inc earrings, Prada sunglasses.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Green coat and biker boots

Am I the only one completely over this Winter?! I don't think so! The only thing that keeps me going is my undeniable coat addiction. I've been eyeing this beauty over at Tara Jarmon's display. It went on sales and I kept patient enough to wait until the end, so I was able to grab the very last one and it happened to be in my size. It was fate, I tell ya!
On the less bright side, I spent weeks down with a flu; followed by diabolical coughing that's still hasn't completely cleared yet. I haven't been so sick in a long time, but at least I  had a chance to catch up on some Netflix marathon's. I ended up being hooked on RuPaul's Drag Race. Love to see dem ladies work it!
Another long time favorite of mine are still Pretty Little Liars. Talking about escaping that reality for a while with a bunch of psycho's stacked in a lil town.

Wearing: Tara Jarmon coat, Zara scarf, Louis Vuitton Mirada bag and biker boots, Essentiel key chain.


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